Girma Molla     (Posted on Nov 16, 2011)

What happened to the radio program? Have you stopped posting it on the webesite or you are not broadcasting anymore?
Kind regards

WM: We are very sorry to tell you that VOE radio is not broadcating until new members are assiged.

Ida Belete     (Posted on Nov 16, 2011)


My name is Ida Belete and I am first generation Canadian. I am an exchange student this semester and miss my family a lot! I was wondering if your association can send me any information about any community activities I can help out with, or attend. And if you could tell me if there is ANY place that serves injera in Sydney, it would be GREATLY appreciated :)!
Thank you!

WM: You can leave your contact to get you any information you may seek. I'm sure we are very happy to show you our hospitallity.

Sara     (Posted on July 30, 2011)

I was wondering if there is a plan to ship some containers full of food etc to help the starving people in Ethio. I know the Somali Asso has alrady orgnaised some containers that will be shipping on Saturday. My friend and I will love to contribute if there is one.
Many thanks

Yohannes Seyoum     (Posted on May 16, 2011)

Dear Sara,
First of all I would like to congratulate you for your prospect new name,role and status,in Ethiopia there are many names for grama,but it differs from region to region and family to family. some of them are "EMAMA", "EMETE" "ENEYE","TATEYE". I hope it helps.
Yohannes Seyoum

Sarah Lawrence     (Posted on May 13, 2011)

Hope you don't mind me asking this. I was born in Ethiopia (left as a baby) and I am about to become a grandmother. I have been trying to find out what children in Ethiopia call their grandmother as I don't want to be called Nana or Gran etc. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me out.
Thanks for your time

yayesh workneh     (Posted on May 8, 2011)

Reg Julie Genders; i am happy to go and meet her and try to help as much as possible on weekend; also is it possible to get Ethiopian around that area?? such as TAFE or UNI?

Ayalew Hundessa     (Posted on May 4, 2011)

Dear Mrs.Genders,
I have read your message. Unfortunately; I don't really know anyone who is living in your area. But, if you like, I am more than happy to share with you any information that I could by e-mail or through telephone. If you need my contact details, e-mail me
< > and then we can talk.
Kind Regards, Ayalew

Julie Genders     (Posted On May 2, 2011)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Could you help me contact someone from your Assoc in Lismore, northern NSW who would be willing to share their knowledge of language, culture, food etc. with me as I am planning an orphanaage volunteer trip to Addis Ababa for the month of Oct. 2011. I am employed as an Aide, Central Sterilising Dept. St. Vincents Private Hospital (Lawrie McAteer/Manager of Dept. reference). I am 59years old, married and live in Modanville (14kms north west of Lismore). Kind regards Julie Genders

Tosh Weldemariam     (Posted on May 1, 2011)

Dear Ethiopian friends,
I am writing to pass information available from the Motor Traders Associations Apprenticeship Plus in Parramatta. They have 120 vacancies for apprentices and trainees in the motor trades in Sydney, some unfilled for months. Many of these jobs are for first year apprentices and many located in or within commute time from western Sydney. Employers prefer applicants to be under 21 years of age. These jobs range from mechanics, spray painters, panel beaters, tire fitters, diesel mechanics etc. Most of these jobs will require applicants to have a drivers licence as an essential criteria as they would be expected to move vehicles and cannot do this without a licence. The panel beater, spray paint and tire fitter jobs may not require this as essential. This may be a good entry point into the industry for younger applicants.

If you know anyone interested & are KEEN TO WORK IN MOTOR INDUSTRY please contact:
Michael Wentworth
General Manager - Sales & Marketing
MTA Apprenticeships Plus, Parramatta
Tel: (02) 9891-6900
Kind regards, Tosh

Ayalew Hundessa     (Posted on April 10, 2011)

Dear Kate,
You contact Mr. Belay Getachew his e-mail address is or his mobile No. is 0413654980. I have talked to him and he is willing to help you in any way he could.
I hope this is what you are looking for and wish you good luck.
Kind Regards,

Kate Agus     (Posted on April 07, 2011)

I am a physiotherapist and have just spent 8 weeks teaching for the physiotherapy department at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia. I am back in Australia (Adelaide) again but will be teaching again in October /November back in Ethiopia. I am interested in making some contact with Ethiopians in South Australia to continue learning about Ethiopia and the language. Would your association have any contacts in Adelaide??
kate Agus

Tesfaye Tefera     (Posted on April 1, 2011)

Hi Henk
Please check the web site: or call to the shop on 073848 67 59 in Brisbane it is not far from where you live.

Henk Verhoef     (Posted on March 25, 2011)

I have some Ethiopian friend in Woolgoolga, near Coffs Harbour and they would like to know where they can purchase Ethiopian Chili Powder in NSW (maybe Newcastle or Sydney?)
Can you assist?

WM:   Hi Henk, You can check this web address:

Yohannes,     (Posted on March 13, 2011)

would like to thank the Webmaster,for this beauitful and interactive website,the website provides not only useful contents, but also refreshing traditional and modern Ethiopian classical songs.
good job!

Hi WM,     (Posted on Feb 08, 2011)

First of all thank you very much for the respond.
My friends are three sisters, their name is Asura, Zyneba,and Lyla. I'm sorry I've forgotten their Fathers name.While, when we were in Egypt they have one brother in Australia I've forgotten his name too. That time their younger brother was in Ethiopia his name is Muktar my be by now he also can be in Australia too. Why I need to tell you about him is may be it can help. That time their older sister alse was in Egypt with her husband and children, and was known by the name of Madam Aisha. But was planing to leave to Australia with her Family and she also might be in Australia by now. Their Father is Sudanis Their Mother is Ethiopian but all have been born and raised up in Ethiopia.
Your Sincerely

Zion Mansour     (Posted on Feb 04, 2011)

First of all I apologize for this e-mail, for I'm not sure if asking such a question is appropriate or not. I'm an Ethiopian person who is living in Holland at present. And I've some friends who are living in Australia, who I separate from long time, about thirteen years ago. We were living together in Egypt for some times. Then each of us follow our destiny where it was meant to be. I came to Holland they went to Australia. Since then we lost contact for lots of reasons. My-be all of us just were concentrating and looking forward what would be a head of us. Recently I was thinking to contact them but I don't have their address. I'm sure they are living in Melbourne or Sidney. When I tried to find a way maybe, how to contact them through the Internet and I've entered "Ethiopian Community Melbourne" in to the search engine I came across to your website. I said to myself and decided why shouldn't I e-mail them? who knows my-be they know them or my-be they know people who knows them. Based on this idea I obliged to email you. Please maybe can you respond to this e-mail and let me know, if you think that maybe you are able to try to find them.
Faithfully, Zion

Hi,    (Posted on Jan 13, 2011)

This may be an odd question, but where would I find a supplier of injera, berbere, mitmita, etc. in Sydney? Are there any restaurants serving Ethiopian food?
Liz Tarquin

WM:   Hi Liz, You can ring Rahel or Yibeltal (0402951118 / 0401495246) for any of those items you needed.

Dear Sir/Madam     (Posted on Jan 13, 2011)

Abbaf Import Export PLC is a new company working to be a big player in exporting roasted coffee all over the world. We would like to partner with Ethiopians in Europe in expanding the business. An investment of US $15,000 dollars is adequate to start the business. It is advisable to work in partners of two, three or four, but not more than four. This will be a good business for Taxi or Limo drivers, since they can distribute the coffee to small stores, restaurants and coffee houses in their area while driving around.
Our company will deliver 1000kg of roasted coffee to a major international airport close to you for US $10,000 dollars. You can easily sell 1kg of coffee for $12 dollars making a profit of $2,000 from the 1000kg.
The roasted coffee will be packed in 250gram, 500gram and 1000gram bags. This will give the buyers to choose the wait they prefer.
Now what you have to do is drive around the city and find out how much 1kg of roasted coffee is being sold in the stores, coffee houses, groceries, and major food chains.
You can write me at:      Our Web site is:
Wishing you all a healthy happy and successful year!
Tsegaye Fanta
Abbaf Import Export PLC; Addis Ababa; 251-911-402917

Dear Sir/Madam     (Posted on Jan 11, 2011)

I am a regular follower of your web site, specially the radio broadcast. I know the web site is updated by volunteers and it takes time and a lot of effort to maintain such a beautiful site.
My concern is, the update takes a while and sometimes it takes almost a week before the broadcast is posted for listners. By then the news will be an old news. It might be too much to ask, but is it possible to update the site as often as possible?
Keep up the good work.
Girma Molla

WM:  Thank you Girma for being loyal to our work. As I remember your name from the beginning we never missed-out your constructive comments and suggestion. As you mentioned sometimes we (web group) lag behind the radio because of various personal situation. But, we put our word here to make you more satisfied in the future.
Thanks once again!